Simplertrading – OVERNIGHT Profit Strategy (Basic version)

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OVERNIGHT Profit Strategy

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The Overnight Profit Strategy Basic Version class from Simpler Trading will walk you through low-risk ways to leverage this trend step by step.

How to reliably predict ONE bar into the future on any chart with Overnight Profit Strategy Basic Version

Here is what you can find in the Overnight Profit Strategy Basic Version of Simpler Trading:

  • Overnight Options Profits Class
  • Divergent Bar Tool
  • Bonus Ultimate Guide to Verticals Class

Overnight Profit Strategy Class 

Allison created the Overnight Profit Strategy Basic Version in order to increase gains in the final minutes before the market closes by using her Divergent Bar pattern. Based on the predictive strength of her algorithm, this basic setup attempts to forecast how the market will open the next day. Allison learned her Divergent Bar Strategy would function on almost every chart after a year of live trading and growth.

The Divergent Bar Tool

Allison’s Divergent Bar trend is defined by this new predictor, The Divergent Bar Tool, which projects what the next bar is expected to do depending on the close of the current bar. Allison’s straightforward formula is intended to identify reversals with the potential for high reward for low risk.

It can be used on virtually every map or timeframe of up, down, and consolidating markets. What makes this measure so potent is how well it predicts what the next bar will be. When paired with Allison’s Vertical Spread configurations, this trend becomes even more potent.

BONUS Ultimate Guide to Vertical Spread

The Vertical Spread is crucial to the effectiveness of the Overnight Profit Strategy. These strong setups are options income traders’ best-kept secret because they allow them to experience incredibly high odds as opposed to buying puts or calls.

Since many traders do not understand how to maximize the benefit value of Vertical Spreads, Butterflies, and Iron Condors, Allison will post a condensed version of these setups so that even inexperienced traders will benefit from her Overnight Profit Strategy.

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Simplertrading – OVERNIGHT Profit Strategy

Simplertrading – OVERNIGHT Profit Strategy