Simplertrading – How to use thinkorswim: Bruce marshall’s tutorial

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Simplertrading - How to use thinkorswim Bruce marshall’s tutorial

$33.97 $297.00

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Simplertrading – How to use thinkorswim: Bruce marshall’s tutorial

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Want to be a better options trader?
It may be as simple as knowing a few tips and tricks about the TOS platform.
Take your trading to the next level with our online trading courses, like How to Use Thinkorswim: Bruce Marshall’s Tutorial.

With over 200 years combined experience on our trading team, you’ll learn more than you ever expected, from successful trading strategies to trading psychology. At Simpler Trading, our trading education specializes in options, futures, and crypto trading.

What will you learn?

  • Bruce walks you step-by-step through several example trades from scratch using the Charts tab, the Trade tab, and then the Analyze tab. You’ll see how Bruce sets up trades front to back, top to bottom, every step of the process
  • How to get an almost unfair advantage over traders who don’t know how to properly analyze their options strategies
  • How to exploit the “hidden gems” inside TOS that are designed to make your trade decisions quicker and easier – especially because most traders don’t even know how to use the basic features of these powerful tools
  • Why a single setting can make the key difference between profit and loss on a trade
  • How to quickly slice and dice trade ideas to model the risk to reward ratios in advance
  • A simple and efficient checklist to follow when evaluating trading ideas
  • And so much more…

About the Content Providers:About Bruce: Bruce is our Income Trading Specialist and devoted mentor. After spending many years on Wall Street managing institutional and retail accounts, we are lucky to have him trading in our Gold room most days. Bruce’s style is very versatile. Great for beginners, because he makes sure to give detailed explanations and also for experienced traders who are looking for new ideas. If you have a full-time job and can’t sit in front of the computer and watch markets all day, this is a great trading style for you.

Course Breakdown

  • Strategy Session Total Run Time: 4 hours and 44 minutes
      • – Introduction (15 mins)
      • – Chart Tab (24 mins)
      • – Random Tabs Scans Tools (13 mins)
      • – Market Watch Tab (16 mins)
      • – Analyze Tab (28 mins)
      • – Analyze Risk Profile (73 mins)
      • – Trade Tab (30 mins)
      • – Monitor Tab (32 mins)
  • – Recap and Summary (53 mins)