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Carolyn has been informing traders with precise Fibonacci tradingtraining method for decades. Carolyn walks traders through the processes of using Fast Fibonacci analysis to discover accurate, low-risk entrances and exits for profitable trades in this pre-recorded course.

Main Takeaways from the Fast Fibonacci For Day Traders

  • How Fibonacci price levels can be used to fine-tune intraday entry and exits
  • When you can locate opportunities intraday, why do you never run out of setups?
  • How to trade intraday moves by trading against the daily chart
  • Why precise intraday triggers and targets help swing and position traders increase profits and reduce risk?
  • Focusing on intraday symmetry can help you achieve clarity in your setups
  • Which intraday time frames should I use? (including specific tick charts)
  • Carolyn’s chart setup and the indicators she employs
  • 5 essential components of a documented trading strategy (so many traders get this wrong)

Discover the Golden Ratio of Fibonacci trading

Many people underestimate the importance of using the Golden Ratio when day trading using Fast Fibonacci.

This is a costly mistake because symmetrical precision in shorter time frames might aid in capturing intraday price activity. Even if you use daily or weekly charts, you can utilize Fast Fibonacci to more accurately time your entries and exits. The key is to be able to recognize certain triggers and targets, which is very important in using fibonacci for day trading.

Why every trader should learn fast Fibonacci trading method

The Fibonacci number sequence, made famous by Italian mathematician Leonardo De Pisa, contains a Golden Ratio that can be found everywhere in nature and is employed by architects, plastic surgeons, and others to attain “ideal” aesthetic proportions. Now, in this ground-breaking course, acclaimed technical trading advisor Carolyn Boroden demonstrates how Fibonacci pattern studies can be used to increase profitability in the stock, futures, and forex markets.

The course is a one-stop-shop for dependable tools and clear explanations for both spotting and exploiting the trade settings that naturally occur in the markets, allowing you to make the most profitable trades. This practical course is useful to the self-directed investor because it contains a unique trading methodology based on Fibonacci ratios, as well as the instructor’s personal experience assessing and setting up markets in real time.

Get to know about the instructor of the course

Carolyn Boroden, the proprietor of Synchronicity Market Timing, LLC, is a commodity trading advisor and technical analyst who specializes in using fibonacci for day trading. Her unique approach to price and time analysis is quickly establishing itself as one of the most promising Fibonacci trading approaches available today. Fibonacci Trading: How to Master the Time and Price Advantage, Carolyn’s debut book, was published by McGraw-Hill in early 2008. She has worked on numerous major trading floors, including the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, the New York Futures Exchange, and the COMEX, since 1978. For four years, she taught sophisticated trading tactics employing Fibonacci ratios on both the time and price axes of the market as part of the Chicago Commodity Boot Camp workshops. Carloyn has also spoken about Fibonacci analysis at conferences like the CMT Association, the Online Trading Expo, TradingMarkets, and Cornerstone Investments Group. She is currently the moderator of a day trading chat group.

Brief Introduction to Simpler Trading

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Simpler Trading is the market leader in financial trading education that is interactive. Since its inception in 2010, the organization has offered expert counsel and coaching to over 350,000 customers in the United States and throughout the world. Simpler Trading’s expert team has over 200 years of market experience and offers in-depth knowledge as well as proactive, real-time trading guidance in stocks, equity options, futures, and forex. Simpler Trading provides daily training to thousands of users via webinars, one-on-one coaching, live trading, interactive chat rooms, and mobile solutions, all of which are powered by cutting-edge technology. The company, which is headquartered in Austin, Texas, employs over 50 people and was placed #21 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies in the United States in 2014.