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Simpler Trading - Weekly Wires Class

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Learn how John Carter achieves steady 120% returns every year using a simple weekly options income strategy in this Weekly Wires Class from Simpler Trading.

Catch up with John Carter’s formula to wire out weekly income in Weekly Wires Class from Simpler Trading

Weekly Wires generates steady income and account growth by combining weekly options trades. If you want to make a living from trading while still growing your money, this strategy will show you the way. Weekly Wires was developed by John Carter, the founder of Simpler Trading, to help himself prepare for weekly returns of 2.5 percent in order to double his account each year. And now, in the Weekly Wires Class offered by Simpler Trading, he is going to teach you this options strategy.

Weekly Wire Strategy, Two Weeks Stats Indicator, Weekly Option Trade Set Up, Premium Boost Formula, and Best of All Worlds are all included in the Weekly Wires Class from Simpler Trading. These providence encourage you to learn how John Carter sets up Weekly Wires trades to stack the odds in his favor. If you’ve ever struggled to make money with weekly choices, you’ll appreciate these step-by-step directions.

This Simpler Trading class will also teach you how to squeeze out more premium on almost any trade. This is your chance to learn how to use the Weekly Stats Pivot Levels indicator to pocket more premium with less risk. Furthermore, if you want to make a living from trading while also growing your capital, this strategy will show you how to produce consistent income and account growth using a combination of weekly option income trades, even in a volatile market.

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Simpler Trading
Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading is an online educational company founded by John Carter to provide customers with not only daily premium videos but also the following powerful features as well: Real-time Trade Alerts, Access to Live Trading Chat Rooms, Member Webinars, Member Discounts, Trade of the Week, Learning Center. Aside from common trading courses and metrics, Simpler Trading’s free tools will help you get a better understanding of what it takes to be a trader. The Newsletters, for example, are sent directly to your inbox several times a week and cover a broad range of topics such as watchlists, step-by-step case studies, and general tips and tricks. Meanwhile, the Blog is updated weekly with market-related information. 

John F. Carter is an entrepreneur, options trader, EO and YPO member, author of Mastering the Trade, and the founder of Simpler Trading. He is intrigued by markets because they reveal the truth of what is going on in the world. And he enjoys the entrepreneurial journey that comes with starting and growing a company, as it is the best way to build value while also learning about yourself.

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