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Simpler Trading – Volume Breakout System (Elite Version)

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Join Joe Rokop for The Volume Breakout System to discover the floor traders’ secret for catching the biggest intraday trends.

Figure out the Volume Breakout System (Elite Package) course of Joe Rokop from Simpler Trading

Volume Breakout System (Elite Package) is the floor trader’s secret from Joe Rokop, Managing Director of Commodities and Equities at Simpler Trading. By the end of this course you will have discovered the core elements for trading futures with higher returns and identifying large moves like the one seen above in Crude Oil. This Volume Breakout System (Elite Package) also reveals signs that are “black and white” and completely impartial, allowing Joe to draw back the curtain and discover what causes the REAL breakouts. Because of his years of industrial and proprietary investing, he has a unique perspective on indexes.

Don’t pass up the Volume Breakout System if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to take advantage of Wall Street’s computer algorithms. Don’t pass up the Volume Breakout System Elite Package if you’re able to go “all in” and have the most live-trading time with Joe. You’ll get four sessions to learn how to spot major futures patterns in real time. This basically doubles the chances of ‘hardwiring’ this technique and ultimately recouping your investment.

Simpler Trading course Volume Breakout System Elite Package components

  • Strategy Class 
  • E-Learning Module
  • Bonus: Futures Beginner Trading Session
  • Recorded Pro Live Trading 
  • Recorded Elite Live Trading 
  • Futures Gold Monthly

What makes the Volume Breakout System Elite Package featured is the Futures Gold Annual Membership (renewable monthly) where Joe and the team meet every day to exchange their own accounts and connect with members in real-time. Futures Gold uses a number of favorite techniques to track the most successful futures contracts. The squad has over a century of collective trading experience and has traded in every business situation imaginable.

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Simpler Trading
Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading was founded by John Carter to provide online trading seminars, exclusive memberships for live trading room entry, and weekly concept exchanges, among other things. Trading, in particular, can be daunting for many people for a multitude of reasons that should not be. Simpler Trading, on the other hand, has a team of successful trading analysts with over 100 years of business experience who specialize in Options, Stocks, Forex, and Futures. They will show you how to master the market on your own terms by exchanging the most advanced tricks, trades, and theories from their own money in real-time. Regardless of your trading experience, there is always at least a mentor that suits you. 

Meet your trainer Joe Rokop

Joe Rokop is a commodity and equity trader as well as a futures specialist. He has worked in both the commercial and private sectors. He has spent the last 13 years trading commodities, indices, and equities through futures, options, and over-the-counter derivatives.

Joe began dealing on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange in the crude oil and natural gas pits right out of college. He became intimately familiar with market movement and volume, as well as numerous arbitrage techniques. Joe has an advantage over other retail traders because he was able to pass his floor trading expertise to the screen. His primary aim at Simpler Trading is to assist others in becoming better traders and achieving better returns. He truly loves sharing his thoughts, imparting his vast insights, and guiding his clients to accomplish their objectives.

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