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Simpler Trading - Recipes for Day Trading Futures

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Through the Recipes for Day Trading Futures you can potentially raise over $1,000 per day in Futures trading even if you are a newbie with a limited portfolio.

Recipes for Day Trading Futures by Simpler Trading: Simple setups for low-risk E-Learning module

The E-Learning Module of Recipes for Day Trading Futures provided by Simpler Trading consists of the following contents:

  • Introduction to Futures Trade
  • Setups for Daily Futures Trade
  • Darvas Box and GRaB
  • $TICKS Indicator
  • Turning Point Indicator
  • Course Slides, Notes and Chat Transcript

which will teach you how to leverage some basic, high-probability setups that the Simpler Team has perfected over the last 20 years, as well as how to generate predictable weekly income with five time-tested setups. Advanced traders have been taking advantage of these trends for decades, all of which you may need to trade full-time or part-time in the future.

Furthermore, the Recipes for Day Trading Futures gives you a thorough comprehension of the market from the inside out, allowing you to choose the right time to buy, sell, or sit out. As a consequence, you can escape risky Futures markets by following the basic checklist included. Additionally, this Simpler Trading course will show you how to use Futures market activity as a leading indicator to forecast big turning points in specific stocks and ETFs, as well as how to fully capitalize on this secret tell-tale symbol to avoid being caught off guard by abrupt reversals. By the end of the course you will be instructed how to execute the “bread and butter” exchange in order to achieve upgrade account growth with minimal risk.

Figure out the content providers of Recipes for Day Trading Futures: John Carter and Raghee Corner

John Carter: Continually improve your trades with his invaluable setups, market knowledge, and guidance.

John Carter is well-known for his trading approach, which blends specialist technical research with a broader macroeconomic and fundamental perspective. His tried-and-true trading setups describe broad directional plays, which he leverages with options and futures, as well as neutral points in time for income trading opportunities when market conditions are slow. To join several of these matches, he employs his trademark Squeeze Indicator. John’s trades can be tailored for those seeking a more defensive outlook on his bullish moves, and you can use his resources to identify configurations that suit your own risk parameters.

Raghee Horner: A trading futures, forex, and options expert

Raghee Horner is regarded as a resident forex specialist since she has written many books on the subject. When you listen to Raghee in our Simpler Futures Gold Space, you can feel her passion for her job and her eagerness to educate others. Her unique blend of fundamental insight and “big-picture” business psychology will tell you everything you need to know about the futures and forex markets. Her expertise in economic research and trending markets led her to pursue futures trading, which evolved into forex trading. For Raghee, nothing makes her happier than showing her students how to navigate the tides of long-term patterns.

About the Simpler Trading Company

Simpler Trading
Simpler Trading

John F. Carter founded Simpler Trading in 1999 as a forum where he could post and share his trading ideas. It gained momentum over time and is now one of the most reliable sources of quality, tried-and-true material in the trading industry. The aim of Simpler Trading is just as the name implies: to make trading a simpler concept for all those involved in digging into the trading world to grasp. Simpler Trading has established itself as an outstanding source of knowledge globally, with over 5,000 participants in the United States alone, over eighty webinars held annually, and an astounding 200 years of cumulative experience. The business continues to release new trading classes, ensuring that those wanting to improve their trading abilities will have a plethora of courses to pick from and a plethora of skills they will learn with the assistance of Simpler Trading.

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