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Through the course High Frequency Trading from Simpler Options, John Carter will show you everything you need to know about HFT and how to make profits from this.

What you can expect from the course High Frequency Trading by John Carter from Simpler Options

High-frequency trading, or HFT, is a trading strategy that uses sophisticated computer algorithms to execute a high number of orders in fractions of a second. It analyzes several markets and executes orders based on market circumstances using complicated algorithms. Traders with the fastest execution speeds are often more lucrative than traders with slower execution rates. In the High Frequency Trading course from Simpler Options, John Carter will cover the following HFT topics:

  • How HFT businesses are forcing you to lose money when you trade
  • How they forerun your directives in order to make a move without you
  • Why are individual investors disadvantaged?
  • How HFT sees what’s going on in the market before you do
  • Why do high-frequency trading businesses have a competitive advantage?
  • How HFT corporations make billions by stealing from you

High Frequency Trading by John Carter is a Simpler Options course that leads you through the candlestick patterns that no longer function. In fact, you should now perform the exact opposite of what the candlestick trading textbooks teach you to do with these formations. Then you’ll learn why everything you’ve been taught about setting stops is incorrect, and how to prevent having them run by HFTs. Never again will you be stopped out by an HFT who is picking off your stops. John Carter also provides a list of stocks that are heavily influenced by HFTs, as well as a list of equities that they cannot move nearly as much. Never again will the HFTs catch you with your trousers down.

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The sales page for the aforementioned course, Intermediate Weekly Calendars, is Simpler Options, the original name for Simpler Trading. Simpler Trading was founded in 1999 by John Carter and has since gathered a strong team of experts with a wealth of experience and skills in many different fields, from various backgrounds, but they all share the same goal: to provide the best experience for their clients, particularly students who are looking for a detailed guide from their predecessors to be able to practice trading correctly. Furthermore, Simpler Trading is renowned as a sales page with a very clear and professional website, a variety of material, and well-designed courses, resulting in favorable results and great applicability to learners.

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