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The Intermediate Weekly Calendars course provided by Simpler Options discusses Calendars using more advanced setups for generating enormous monthly income.

Take an edge in your trading with Intermediate Weekly Calendars course from Simpler Options

Selling a front weekly and often buying a back monthly or longer weekly is how Weekly Calendars are set up. This is a one-time transaction for people who are tired with dull income transactions and dislike trading monthly calendars. Because of our Theta, the Weekly Calendar trade works. As you can see in any Weekly Calendars class, Theta climbs all the way until expiration, thus we capture the most Theta towards the end. However, the biggest Theta also brings the highest risk during the calendar’s lifetime. The Simpler Options course, Intermediate Weekly Calendars, will point out the risks you may encounter when trading this technique and guide you to handle them with detailed and specific strategies and plans. 

By the end of the Intermediate Weekly Calendars session, you will understand why Weekly Calendars are preferred over Monthly Calendars. To begin with, when the proper setup is employed, they may be quite successful and quick to profit, with your average days in trade being approximately 3 days. Furthermore, Weekly Calendars might profit from Theta as well as a surge in volatility. They’re easy to set up and give excellent practice for understanding the adjusting process. Bruce Marshall will share the following information with you throughout this class:

  • Favorite technique to create consistent weekly revenue using calendars
  • The must know weekly calendar trade setup
  • Low-maintenance and simple-to-understand trade setup
  • Increase your weekly profits by taking very rapid profit trades with a 2-3 day hold period
  • How to define precisely when and if you need to make changes, and much more.

Learn Intermediate Weekly Calendars with Simpler Options and Bruce Marshall

Simpler Trading

Simpler Options is the previous name of Simpler Trading, an online education firm founded by John F. Carter in 1999 to share and exchange trading ideas. Currently, Simpler Trading has become a large community with more than 5000 members including beginner traders and professional traders with many years of experience. Unlike other sales pages, Simpler Trading only provides useful information about trading including warnings, notifications, ideas, concepts,… in reality and in real time. They say no with platitude, confusing and complicated theories. As its name implies, Simpler Trading was born to simplify all issues related to trading, so that anyone can learn and make a living from this job.

Bruce Marshall is the Simpler Tradin’s Director of Options and Income Trading. If you want to enhance your risk/reward ratio or you don’t have a lot of time to sit and monitor the charts, Bruce could be the trader for you. He’s a diligent planner and organizer who pays close attention to the market from a macro view, particularly the volatility environment. He is thorough in how he distributes his whole portfolio and tactics, and he is even more rigorous in how he tracks everything. But, first and foremost, if you want to learn more about the Greeks, no one does it better than Bruce Marshall.

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