Beginners Guide to Volatility – Simpler Options

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Simpler Options - Beginners Guide to Volatility

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The Beginners Guide to Volatility course from Simpler Trading is designed by Bruce Marshall to give you a thorough understanding of volatility concepts to trade better.

Master the volatility to take it controlled with Beginner’s Guide to Volatility from Simpler Options

Volatility is a statistical measure of the spread of a security’s or market index’s returns. The more the volatility, in most situations, the riskier the asset. Volatility is sometimes expressed as the standard deviation or variation of returns from the same securities or market index. Volatility in the financial markets is frequently linked with large swings in either direction. For example, a “volatile” market is one in which the stock market rises and falls by more than one percent over a continuous period of time. The volatility of an asset is an important consideration when pricing options contracts.

Through the course Beginner’s Guide to Volatility by Simpler Options Bruce Marshall will share with you the following contents:

  • What volatility is, and why it is important
  • How to determine whether volatility is cheap or expensive
  • Learn about the secret realm of volatility, which may make or destroy you as a trader.
  • Simple method to avoid purchasing pricey options and selling underpriced options
  • How to utilize volatility to choose the best trading method – calendar, iron condor, or butterfly
  • When is the ideal time to purchase a butterfly
  • What you need to know about an iron condor vs. a calendar before making your next trade, plus much more.

Introducing Bruce Marshall: The presenter of Beginner’s Guide to Volatility trading course

Bruce Marshall

Bruce is a dedicated mentor and Income Trading Specialist. He began trading in the Gold room most days after spending several years on Wall Street handling institutional and retail accounts. Bruce’s style is quite adaptable. Great for both novices and seasoned traders seeking for fresh ideas, because he takes care to provide extensive explanations. If you work full-time and can’t sit in front of a computer all day watching markets, this is a wonderful trading technique for you.

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