Simpler Options – ABC Waves TOS Indicator & Live Class


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Simpler Options - ABC Waves TOS Indicator & Live Class


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Simpler Options – ABC Waves TOS Indicator & Live Class

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In the ABC Waves class you’ll learn:

In depth look at incorporating the A, B, and C Waves into your trading plan

How to use the A, B, and C Waves in multiple time frame analysis to put yourself on the right side of the trade

Live trade set ups that are happening right now in the markets and how to set up high probability trades around those set ups

The best way to use each Wave independently of each other depending on your trading goal

The 5 point system for ranking trades using the A, B, and C Waves across multiple time frames

And much more…

This course is being recorded, and you will receive online access the same day

The ABC Waves

The ABC Waves were built by a third party developer from an algorithm comprised of various moving averages and oscillators. The idea behind the waves is to visualize the overall strength and direction of a given market across multiple time frames.

There are 3 separate waves that make up the ABC Waves. The “A Wave” measures short term relative strength and direction of a market, the “C Wave” measures longer term strength and the “B Wave” plots the same for a medium time period.

Available for: eSignal, MultiCharts, NinjaTrader, Infinity/SierraCharts, ThinkorSwim and Tradestation

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NEW: Now available for ThinkorSwim

In this special (Indicator + Class) John is going to share:

The ABC Waves Indicator(Available for TOS, Tradestation, Ninjatrader, Multicharts, eSignal, InfinityAT/SierraCharts, and Trade Navigator)

A recorded class on the ABC Waves