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The course Short Strangle Strategy, Dan’s Way by Sheridan Options Mentoring will teach you the exact strategy that enables you to be consistently profitable. 

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Derive a number of benefit from the course Short Strangle Strategy, Dan’s Way by Sheridan Options Mentoring

It’s been a long time since Dan Sheridan, who studied risk management at the Chicago Board Options Exchange in Pits, has taught his skills. In his three-week online course, Short Strangle Strategy, Dan’s Way, Dan explains how he makes monthly revenue from short strangles. Live trades are a feature of all Sheridan Options Mentoring seminars, and they provide you with valuable hands-on experience.

Stock at strike price A must be purchased through a short strangle and sold at strike price B if the options are granted. Option contracts you sell will expire worthless if the stock price stays between strike A and strike B. You may make a lot more money by selling two options instead of just one post or one call. However, this comes with a cost. There is no end to your potential gains, but there is also a large potential loss. An iron condor might be a better alternative if you want to reduce your exposure to these dangers. Sophisticated traders may employ this strategy, similar to a short straddle, to decrease implied volatility. The call and the call might be overstated if the implicit volatility is abnormally high for no apparent reason. To complete a trade for a profit, one must first sell a position and then wait for volatility to reduce. With Short Strangle Strategy, Dan’s Way, you’ll learn how to profit from this market in the same way he did and other industry leaders.


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Sheridan Options Mentoring is a pioneer in the teaching and mentoring of personal decisions. Over the last decade, hundreds of thousands of kids have learned to confidently and competently trade. Dan Sheridan established and oversees Sheridan Mentoring. He’s been in the business for more than 30 years and is a worldwide trader.

Previously, Dan worked with Jon Najarian and Pete Najarian’s Mercury Trading, which was one of the most profitable businesses in the financial industry. Pete Najarian, one of CNBC’s current anchors, was mentored by Dan during his time at Mercury. Dan started Sheridan Options Mentoring in 2004 after leaving the pits. Individual traders in the continuous option markets may now learn the methods and procedures they utilize in this course. Professional and retail traders alike benefit from Dan’s knowledge of other channels: In the TDAmeritrade network, Dan is a well-known participant. For example, he has been featured on CBOE.com and routinely performs instructional webinars for InteractiveBrokers and a number of other brokerages.

Over the last 15 years, Dan and his mentors have mentored a huge number of pupils, many of whom have gone on to become accomplished craftsmen and reliable options traders. While Dan and his colleagues run real companies alongside you during mentoring sessions and community events, they give you the opportunity to practice and learn from their experiences. Your options trading will become more consistent and lucrative with Sheridan Options’ one-on-one training and weekly trading sessions.

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