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Master the Credit Spread in options trading to generate consistent weekly and monthly income with the Credit Spread Class 2015 provided by Sheridan Options Mentoring.

Details of the Sheridan Options Mentoring training program: Credit Spread Class 2015

Selling a credit spread is one of the most fundamental option trading techniques. This is frequently done when a trader believes that a stock or other underlying issue will rise or fall in price over a specific time period. In the Credit Spread Class 2015 provided by Sheridan Options Mentoring, you will learn how to figure out and manage Credit Spreads to earn monthly and weekly income with the mentorship of Dan Sheridan for the three main lessons you need to grasp including when to put a Credit Spread on, how to enter and exit a Credit Spread trade, and how to adjust when the market goes awry.

The Credit Spread Class 2015 from Sheridan Options Mentoring consists of 8 small classes covering a wide range of topics and knowledge as described below: 

  • Dan Sheridan:  Credit Spread Fundamentals and Essentials
  • Introduction of Credit Spreads 
  • Whether Risk/Reward good with Credit Spreads
  • Best to do credit spreads that are 1/3 the breadth of the strikes
  • Which is the best Credit Spread when it comes to Risk/Reward?
  • Assignment issues with Credit Spreads favor OTM credit spreads
  • Illustration of a high probability Credit Spread System for today’s market
  • Strike choice of Credit Spreads
  • Best duration for Credit Spreads
  • What vehicles to trade
  • Definition of high and low VIX
  • Q&A: Two tweaks for trading put credit spreads in today’s market with price levels high in SPX and VIX low, When to exit a losing Credit Spread
  • Dan Sheridan: Credit Spreads versus Iron Condors and Risk Management for Credit Spreads
  • Credit Spreads or Iron Condors, which is better?
  • The best way to do Credit Spreads
  • When to initiate Credit Spread
  • Credit Spreads or Iron Condors during earnings?
  • Technicals and Contrarian Opinions in structuring Credit Spreads?
  • Chief Risk Management for Credit Spreads: Profit & Loss Targets
  • How do Credit Spreads diversify price risk and how do Credit Spreads scale?
  • Look at a potential live call credit spread in SPX and address execution as well as the price to sell the credit spread at
  • Tim Pierson: Running a Credit Spread Trading Business
  • Jay Bailey: Credit Spread Adjustment Strategy, Simple or Complicated? 
  • Dan Sheridan: Credit Spread Adjustments
  • What are good vehicles for Credit Spreads?
  • Strike choice and spread width for Credit Spreads?
  • Minimum Credit for Credit Spreads?
  • Profit and Loss Targets for Credit Spreads?
  • Adjustment Philosophy? Do adjustments change maximum loss targets?
  • Most vital things to know about credit spreads
  • Adjustments: Case Study using NFLX as an example
  • 08 different adjustments for Credit Spreads
  • Dan Sheridan and Paul White: Different indicators to look at when entering your short Put positions
  • Dan and Paul White in Sheridan Options Mentoring
  • Example of Live Short Put Calendar trade in SPX Paul has on, discuss the indicators he looks at
  • Dan Sheridan: Put Credit Spreads and discussion on Insurance
  • Paul White discusses Email from learners regarding previous class with. 
  • Dan Sheridan walks through the Put Credit Spread example to discuss adjustments 
  • Putting Credit Spread with Adjustments & Risk Management in SPX
  • Insurance with Iron Condors by how Dan Sheridan structures the Iron Condor and by adding long puts
  • Dan Sheridan: Ratio Butterflies
  • Adjustments & SPX Ratio Butterfly with full Risk Management Plan 
  • Dan’s favorite adjustments for Credit Spreads
  • The insurance for Credit Spreads at the opening of a trade

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Sheridan Options Mentoring is the provider of Credit Spread Class 2015 mentioned above, pioneer specializing in on-demand classes which emphasize on specific trading strategies and methodologies. This sales page also offers monthly options education designed by traders for traders with a range of selection packages for particular learners. In addition, you can find numerous free resources which bring your learning great benefits including video Market Maker Tips for Trading AMC and Game Stop Options, webinar Broken Wing Butterflies in a High Vol Environment, webinar What Strategies Dan is Using Now, & Going into the New Year, etc. During the last decade, Sheridan Options Mentoring has successfully educated thousands of learners to trade with confidence and advanced skills, leading to taking their Options Trading to the next degree.

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