Sheridan – Dan Sheridan Package 14 courses

$311.97 $2,000.00

Sheridan - Dan Sheridan Package 14 courses

$311.97 $2,000.00

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Sheridan – Dan Sheridan Package 14 courses

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Sheridan Options Mentoring is the pioneer in personal options training and mentoring. In the last decade, we have trained thousands of students to trade with confidence and skill.

The package includes:

  1. 2017 Chicago Annual Options Seminar
  2. The All Put Flat Butterfly
  3. Trading Weekly Options For Income
  4. Credit Spread Class 2015
  5. Trading Calendars And Double Diagonals For Income In 2016
  6. Dan Sheridan – The Mango Trade
  7. Dan Sheridan – Manage Your Trades By The Greeks
  8. $10K Portfolio In 2017
  9. A Plan To Make $4K Monthly On $20K
  10. The Double Barrel Calendar Class
  11. Iron Condors For Income 2017
  12. Learn How To Trade Earnings
  13. Butterfly Class 2016 – Butterflies For Monthly Income
  14. Dan Sheridan – 8 Successful Iron Condors Methodologies

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