Sepharial – Your Personal Diurnal Chart

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Author: Sepharial

Dr Walter Gorn Old (born 20 March 1864, at 2:06 a.m. LMT in Handsworth, England died 23 December 1929 in Hove, England) a notable 19th century astrologer, better known as Sepharial.

An eminent English Theosophist. Sepharial was a well-known and respected astrologer in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and wrote numerous books. Some of which are still highly regarded today. He editor of “Old Moore’s Almanac”, which still published in the 21st century.

Your Personal Diurnal Chart

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No Jacket. New. 4to-over 9¾”-12″ tall Exact Facsimile Reprint of Original Edition Published:

DIURNAL CHART 2p. Finding Lifetime Direct Constant; Secure Converse Constant for Any Year; Direct Diurnal; Converse Diurnal; Make Two Separate Wheels, One For Direct Diurnal One for Converse Diurnal; List Planets, Orbs, Transits, etc. This is interesting because it is creating 2 spiral charts just as Gann?s 360 degree charts and squares did. Looks like clue to how this operates. Doesn?t look like the usual SEPHARIAL, but the other one and the dates are later. Very interesting wheel calculation system though. WAR-The Old Feud; The Forecast; Europe Clear of Turks in 1921; Kaiser?s Sudden Death Predicted; Abdul the Damned; The Fateful Year; Reasons For Prediction; The Emperor of Austria; Writing on the Wall; How Long?