Scottpulcinitrader – The Sweep Show

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Scottpulcinitrader – The Sweep Show

$18.00 $199.00

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Author: Scottpulcinitrader

Scott now focuses on both equities and futures using the Bookmap.com platform to drive his decisions.  He is an expert scalper and has an innate ability to quickly read order flow and volume within price patterns and to put himself and his students on a level playing field with the algorithms that dominate today’s marketplace.

The Sweep Show

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Here is Nic’s favorite way to identify real-time a very high probability of support or resistance break near important levels! After countless hours of studying order-flow during his trading, Nic has seen this pattern play out over and over again using real-time volume and market participant analysis on Bookmap. This setup is EXCLUSIVELY for ES, the S&P 500 e-mini futures contract.

Featured in the book Enhancing Trader Performance by Dr. Brett Steenbarger, he and his team are now offering you the possibility to learn this incredible edge by using real-time volume analysis in your trading using the Bookmap.com platform. Learn from someone who not only traded the markets but made the markets.

Some of the things you can expect to learn from Scott during your mentorship:

  • The ability to adapt your trading to evolving market environments using Bookmap.com and it’s incredible indicators
  • Understandable trade set-up criteria based on clear market logic about who you are trading against and what their intentions are
  • Well-defined and logical entry criteria and stop location
  • Well-defined logic for identifying a significant potential reward/risk ratio
  • Identifying and avoiding the mental pitfalls that besiege most amateur traders