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When to Trade

About this When to Trade

All traders want an edge. In pursuit of that extra advantage, traders will pay thousands in training, subscribe to black-box signal services, and build trading systems using signals they barely understand. The desired end result is a system that can be used repeatedly for profits beyond those offered by traditional investment alternatives. Most traders fail. To find out why, we dissected price data from the past five years and emerged with a single conviction: forex price action is driven by news events. We learned that the systems most people use are fundamentally flawed, and we learned that most traders avoid the very thing that could lead to their success because of a lack of tools. This report exposes the reality of trading the news: the empirical, analytical support for the concept and the introduction of a new set of tools from FX Engines specifically designed to extract profits from these amazing price moves.

Author: Scott Owens

Scott Owens made his first appearance for the Colorado College (CC) Tigers during the 1975–76 season. While none of his four years saw CC finish with a winning record, they did earn their only conference title in school history in 1978. Once he had graduated, Owens became a player-assistant coach with TSV Kottern, which played in varying levels of West Germany’s amateur leagues, for five years before returning to North America.

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