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Download Sam Shames’ Ultimate Indicator Bundle 2022 to get HiLo Pro and TrendOscillator Pro indicators. Take the chance and improve dynamic momentum now!

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$140.00 $1,397.00

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Overview of HiLo Pro and TrendOscillator Pro indicators

Sam Shames came up with a new and better way to tell whether a chart is trending in the right direction. Quickly flipping between charts and assessing trend quality is now easy thanks to this method. What direction is it going in? Instantaneous results mean there’s no guessing. By only taking trades that meet your trend criteria, you’ll be able to focus on those that are really best of the best.

New and updated HiLo Pro Oscillator shines when equities are not moving because it displays Sam’s Frown and Smile patterns. Sam can use a straightforward three-step technique to execute trades based on the built-in time arrows. Oversold and overbought circumstances are easily identified by the HiLo Pro because of the low level of noise.

Get HiLo Pro and TrendOscillator Pro indicators with Sam Shames’ Ultimate Indicator Bundle 2022

Trading is a lot like operating a vehicle. Driving speed is directly proportional to whether you’re on a winding or straight road, correct? The markets are the same. It’s like if the road is straight and you can go quicker when your trend indicators are aligned. It’s like driving a car on a winding road with hairpin twists when the market is turbulent.

An indicator that can be used in both trending and non-trending markets is a need for every trader. Hence, the TrendOscillator Pro and HiLo Pro indicators work together to rapidly notify you whether the road ahead is straight or curving.

New and upgraded dynamic momentum tools will be included in Sam Shames’ Ultimate Indicator Bundle 2022, allowing you to transform $80k into $320k in only 12 months, for annual returns of 300%.

To find the optimal settings, Sam relies on his dynamic momentum tools every day. Back-to-back profit chances arise as a result of this arrangement. A rookie and experienced trader alike may now utilize Sam Shames’ Ultimate Indicator Bundle 2022 to adjust their trading approach to the current market circumstances.

More of what you will learn from this course bundle

  • How to identify whether a chart is trending with the HiLo Pro and TrendOscillator Pro
  • How pure momentum may be used to quickly spot ideal trends
  • On any chart, how to utilize divergence from the TrendOscillator Pro to predict trend changes
  • The trend-changing breakthrough momentum indicator
  • Trade smiles and frowns with the HiLo Pro indicator
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to utilize the HiLo Pro indicator arrows to timing transactions
  • In addition, these indicators are meant to act in tandem with each other.

Figure out who Sam Shames is

Sam Shames Course Snack

At Simpler Trading, Sam Shames is the VP of Options who focuses on options, equities, and macro trading utilizing short-term signals. To begin with, he traded index futures and stocks intraday, but he eventually moved to options, which he currently uses to make his money.

Sam analyzes a stock setting with the help of the Trend Oscillator and the HiLo Stochastic, two unique indicators. Both are useful in determining the direction of a chart’s momentum.

Sam Shames is more of a short-term swing trader, but he will hold the trade as long as the setups and market momentum signals are still valid. A change in any of these factors will prompt him to close down his position, collect gains, then aim to get back into the market when the trade setup is clearer again.