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Welcome to the Sacred Science Institute (SSI). We are a boutique publishing house, esoteric research institute and cosmological think tank, with a global network of scholars and researchers engaged in the exploration of ancient and modern systems of alternative cosmology and science. Our quest is to uncover and elaborate the next higher paradigm of science. This new paradigm integrates the subtle fields of mind and consciousness with the denser perspective of materialistic science, seeking a unification into a Higher Science with the potential to inspire a new Renaissance in philosophy, art, science and technology.

X Marks My Place

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1938 Geographic Astrology is believed to hold the key to making the most of ourselves here and now through pointing us to the X-point of latitude and longitude where the three prime objectives;

health, happiness and success may be found. Grab a pencil and some paper, make up a form that  illustrated in this book and get to work. You will only acquire confusion and disappointment by trying to work this book mentally. Forget the faults of our social system and abjure the mass hysteria begotten of them. The job is yours and mine to make the most of ourselves in the dedication to which no life ever failed. This book is as good as any mariner’s chart. Compass in telling you the general direction in which you should steer your life.