Russell Sands – Judgemental Trend Following (Audio)

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Author: Russell Sands

Russell J. Sands is an independent trader and commodity trading advisor and publisher of the monthly Turtle Talk newsletter and nightly hotline service. He has been involved in the futures markets since 1980 and was one of the students trained by Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt who achieved fame as the “Turtles.”

Judgemental Trend Following

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Russell trades the same way that he always has, following trends the way Richard Dennis taught the Turtles to do fifteen years ago. Russell shows you the exact criteria. The Turtles were taught to use in order to get a handle. Which breakouts or types of breakouts have a higher probability of succeeding. Which have the potential to become the kind of monster trend the Turtles are famous for riding to enormous profits. In this seminar, Russell itemizes a list of approximately twenty different criteria and/or conditions. The Turtles examine every time they look to initiate a trade. He explains each item carefully and demonstrates the effectiveness of each by looking at current charts of various markets.