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Author: Russ Harris

The moment I discovered this therapy, I fell deeply in love with it. It had a huge and profound impact on my life. Almost instantly, I began to develop a deep sense of purpose and meaning.

I found how to enrich and enhance my life, and transform the way I dealt with painful thoughts and feelings. I built a stronger connection with myself and others, which led me to feel that sense of warmth, closeness, belonging I’d been searching for all those years.

ACT For Beginners

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This action-packed and interactive 6-week course allows you total flexibility to learn whenever it suits you and access a whole range of powerful resources that simply arent available anywhere else.

Between 2 to 3 hours of new content will be released, week-by-week, over a 6-week period (16 hours in total). Plus, on top of that, youll have an extra 4 weeks of access to the whole course, so you can watch all your favourite videos again (and if youve fallen behind due to sickness, or taking a vacation, or work commitments etc, this will give you plenty of time to catch up again).

There are 16 CE/CME hours available.

Prior to registering, please visit to review complete CE/CME details, course objectives, speaker/planner conflict of interest disclosure and more

In this dynamic, fun and energising 6-week journey youll learn ho…

Course Modules

Week 1: Opening ACT Whats It All About?

2: Drop The Struggle

3: Watch Your Thinking – The Art & Science of Cognitive Defusion

5: Open Up – Acceptance and Self-Compassion

6: Fluent and Flexible – The Dance of ACT