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Author: Ruan Marinho

Ruan is the SEO expert on the team that helps implement search and social strategies into our client campaigns. Ruan also has a passion for teaching others on how search marketing works. With a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers, Ruan certainly has a passion for teaching both his team and others.

Underground Secrets

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Learn How to Build a Marketing Service, Deliver It & Retain Clients

Train yourself on the only effective digital marketing agency model used by to reach $1,000,000 in reoccurring revenue in under 2 years. Ruan Marinho takes you behind the scenes of his marketing agency in this self-paced video training program. He demonstrates what is effective and what is not. Using real client examples, unlock the fortune in your business.

Start and grow a marketing company

Learn everything you need to become a successful digital marketing agency. Your business is a reflection of your knowledge, thinking, and decisions.

Service-based businesses are scalable. I’ll teach you how.

“Super impressed with the quality and amount of knowledge Ruan shares in this course. Everything is very easy to understand and perfectly structured step by step for your success. I have already landed my first 2 clients from following the exact teachings in this course. One of the best investments I have ever made. The private Facebook group is also incredibly helpful as the members are all looking out for each others’ success as well. Highly, highly recommend.” – Jared E, Student

Get results instantly

How long does it take to get client results? Instantly. Throughout the program, you’re going to learn the tricks of the trade to ensure clients are satisfied instantly.

The secret is relationships and results, not Ferraris and Lambos.

Hundreds of real results

We will show you how to create an agency that makes a lot more money without working harder and longer. We have hundreds of online reviews and results from people just like you looking for the best information available.

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The title should say it all but I’ll explain why I believe so. I have purchased other marketing and SEO courses, and none of them can compare to the Underground. Ruan Marinho explains step by step on how he delivers SEO to local businesses and allows them to be pushed up to number one on Google in no time. Also while doing all this, it is done in an ethically professional way. Ruan’s over-the-shoulder training is incredibly helpful. If you’re interested in growing your business or starting an SEO marketing business, then this is your course! Heck, the Facebook group is filled with a lot of like-minded individuals, and of course Ruan is always interacting to help along the way. The private Facebook group is worth the price of the course! – Kin M, Underground Student

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Create a service that is scalable: Get exactly what services to offer, how to offer them, how to perform the services, and how to report on them to retain the clients. Students will learn website design, SEO, social, pay-per-click (PPC), and agency reporting in an all-inclusive service built for scale.

Build an in-house agency: Learn the steps it takes to build a real in-house digital agency. Even if you’re the only person in your agency, this training will show you how to prepare for scale once the time comes. Students can expect to learn how to hire, delegate, train, and motivate employees.

Learn account management: manages over 100 clients on a monthly basis. Learn how to manage clients effectively without losing quality of service. Students can expect to learn how to service clients, communicate with them, and retain them for scale.