Ross Beck – The Gartley Trading Method

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Author: Ross Beck

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The Gartley Trading Method

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Table of Contents




Part 1: Foundations.

1: Trading Myths and Reality.

2: Technical Analysis 101.

3: The Gartley and Elliott Wave Relationship.

Part II: The Gartley Pattern.

4: The Gartley Pattern Revealed.

5: The Gartley Pattern Compared to Classical Technical Patterns.

Part III: Application.

6: Entry and Exit Strategies.

7: Case Studies.

8: Plans and Journals.

A: Who Needs Elliott Wave?

Appendix B: Gann’s Mysterious Symbol.

Appendix C: Wolfe Wave.



The Market Analyst Beck Toolkit.

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A detailed look at the technical pattern simply referred to today as the Gartley Pattern

  • Examines how to identify and profit from the most powerful formation in the financial markets
  • Discusses the similarities, differences and the superiority of the Gartley Pattern compared to classical chart patterns including Elliott Wave
  • Shows how to apply filters to Gartley patterns to improve the probability of your trading opportunities, as well as specific rules where to enter and exit positions

Gartley’s pattern is based on a unique market position where most traders refuse to participate due to fear. This book reveals how you can overcome this fear, and how to profit from the most consistent and reliable pattern in the financial markets.

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