Rob Hoffman – Setups, Entries, and Stops

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Setups, Entries, and Stops

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Setups, Entries, and Stops Course by Robert Hoffman

This 3 ½ hour course starts out answering several questions students had regarding Robert’s methodologies, then moves into discussing his advanced entry techniques, more on his two bar and three bar break strategies and variations of them, pivot points, plus as a bonus, completely new setup techniques to offer many more trades when the two and three bar strategies are unavailable. Then Robert closes with answering several more questions to drive home the training for students.


Topics and Tips Covered


2 Bar Break Strategy

20 MA

3 Bar Strategy

50 MA

Bent Finger

Confluence of R, S and Pivots

Congestion zones

Conservative Aggressive entry

Cost basis

Daily goals

Do not trade time zones

Exit strategy

Fish Hook

Following plan, money management

Key Reversals

Pivot points

Primary Pivot of the day

Scale In method


Support and Resistance


Included 2 DVDs in original case

Author: Rob Hoffman

Rob Hoffman is the founder and CEO of Become A Better Trader, Inc. As an Award-Winning trader, frequent speaker for the major financial exchanges, and seven-time International Trading Champion, Rob believes he is one of the few traders in the business with the experience and credentials to help you develop into the trader you want to be.Rob uses adult learning theory in his teaching to drive home key points so his students can understand how to identify trade setups, overcome fear of pulling the trigger, make the trade, and follow the trade through to completion with the skills and coolness of a true Award-Winning trader.