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Ready Aim Freedom: Take this options trading course for beginners and you will learn a high probability directional strategy to trade with small accounts.

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$90.00 $897.00

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You may feel overwhelmed at the beginning of an options trading journey but don’t worry, it will be okay if you grasp some basic concepts. Options are usually used for additional income, or to speculate and hedge the risks. The Ready Aim Freedom: Options Trading Course by Simpler Trading will teach you how to read charts for options trading as well as other strategies to increase your trading performance. 


Learn how to read charts for options trading with the course Ready Aim Freedom

Danielle Shay’s Ready Aim Freedom trading training course will show you how she grew her modest account into a much larger one without taking any unnecessary risks. This course will teach you an options strategy that has a high possibility of success while also providing a steady stream of income.

Identifying situations with a greater likelihood but the lower danger is something Danielle has honed over the previous five years. When Danielle left her career to become a full-time mother, she used the same trading strategy that she used to get there. And now she will be teaching you this strategy, which was created based on John Carter and Henry Gambell’s ideas.

With Ready Aim Freedom, you’ll learn how to spot powerful trending options trades with a high probability of success in this one-of-a-kind beginners options trading course. To help you rapidly examine any chart and decide whether a setup is worth risking your money, Danielle has provided her checklist. Intermediate and advanced traders, on the other hand, may get something from this course as well.

Danielle’s Market Preparation Checklist, which you’ll get in this course, will help you find the best opportunities each day even if you can’t watch the market. As a result of this, you are able to read any chart’s personality by analyzing only a few past price moves. With the right symmetry knowledge, one can easily create precise entry locations and profit targets in advance.

In addition, the course Ready Aim Freedom from Simpler Trading might help you learn how to read charts for options trading, how to correctly identify entrance and exit points, as well as targets and stops. It’s one of Danielle’s methods for keeping her from making irrational trading decisions. Furthermore, if you want to reap the rewards of the markets, you’ll need to master this skill.


Introducing your instructor Danielle Shay 

Danielle Shay Course Snack
Danielle Shay Course Snack

Danielle Shay is an Options Trading Expert at Simpler Trading, where she also serves as a Director. She has exceptional technical abilities, particularly in Fibonacci Analysis. Along with equities and ETFs, Danielle specializes in trend-following, directional options trading tactics. She has featured as a special guest on Real Vision TV, RT America, and Benzinga, among others. Additionally, Danielle contributed to the third edition of John Carter’s book Mastering the Trade.

Danielle Shay runs options trading rooms at Simpler Trading where she provides her trading ideas, alert service, and tried-and-true tactics to assist new traders in growing their revenue. As a trading coach, she seeks to assist traders in making the transition from zero to earning a life via trading.

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Simpler Trading Course Snack
Simpler Trading Course Snack

Simpler Trading was founded by John Carter as a space for him to discuss his trading ideas with a community of like-minded individuals. This is one of the most comprehensive instructional websites available in the trading industry today.

Simpler Trading offers a variety of membership options from which you may choose the optimal package for your trading. Within a certain trading region, there will be specialists with decades of expertise who will lead you through the markets’ wildness using tried-and-true tactics and trading tools.

Additionally, you may access a vast library of top-notch trading courses and indicators that can help you improve your knowledge and abilities. Unlike any other trading platform, Simpler Trade focuses only on real-time trading notifications and real-world trading strategies that have been proved time and time again by the market’s best experts. There will be no BS, no hypotheses; you will trade alongside your educators, and the outcomes will be enhanced.