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Raymond Merriman - The Gold Book


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Raymond Merriman – The Gold Book

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Paperback:324 pages

Publisher:Seek It Pubns (September 1982)



Now for the first time and intensive study on the correlation of gold price cycles to geocosmic cycles appears in publiched form. Raymond A. merriman, publisher of the M.M.A. Market Newsletter, reveals the resulst of years of intensive research which has yielded 147 correlations with reliability factors exceeding 70%. The Gold Book: Geocosmic Correlations to Gold Price Cycles is packed with information on how to spot long and short-term cycles in the gold market. Everything from price objectives to very sophisticated time objectives, from beginning technical analysis to refined tools in cycles’ analysis is covered. The original and unique methods of timing crests and troughs of the gold market with such acute accuracy, as presented in this work, will excite bothe the student and expert alike.

This is the book that started it all.

“… Ray has been exceptionally accurate in his timing for expected highs and lows over the past six months. I highly recommend The Gold Book for every gold trader looking for additional ways to improve his timing.”
– Walter J. Bressert, president HAL Commodity Cycles

“Perhaps the best study of planetary movements, transitions, and interrelationships is R.A. Merriman’s The Gold Book: Geocosmic Correlations To Gold Price Cycles”
– James E. Schildgen Analytical Methods for Successful Speculation

The first – and only – intensive quantitative research study ever done on the relationship of geocosmic signatures to financial market cycles. This is the book that brought modern-day financial astrology to the attention of Wall Street and the Commodities world. Written in 1982, this book has stood the test of time, and is just as valid today as it was 14 years ago. Identifies and explains geocosmics, cycles, and technical studies, and shows how they relate to one another. It also provides quantitative results as to what happens when specific geocosmic signatures are in effect.