Ramit Sethi – How to Win the Game of Advanced Personal Finance

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How to Win the Game of Advanced Personal Finance

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A while back, I talked about purchasing a personal finance course.

In response to the obvious question, I never want to feel like I know everything, and always want to remain open to new ideas. Also, over the past few years I feel like I’ve advanced pretty far in my goals toward financial security, and want to know if my financial future looks just like my past, or I start to do things differently at some point.

So when Ramit Sethi started advertising his course “How to Win the Game of Advanced Personal Finance“, I was interested.

Well, I’ve since gone through the course, taken lots of notes, and put some (but not all) plans into action.

And now it’s time for a review of the course.

So read on for a review of Ramit Sethi’s “How to Win the Game of Advanced Personal Finance”.



Course structure

Main idea


My thoughts

Is it worth the money?

Course structure

The course is structured as a collection of lessons, primarily video, but with supporting documents where relevant. The videos are divided into three modules.


Ramit’s mug

After each video, most of them had a call to action, and a super long comment section below where attendees post their intention or progress.

I’ll share one example of this because it’s both appropriate and also unintentionally humorous.

Here’s something you might not expect. I want you to take $500 and spend it on something extravagant that you previously thought would have been unimaginable.

Um, Ramit, I hate to be a wag, but do you know how much I just spent on this course?

I mean, I know what you’re getting at, but seriously, as someone whose money story was that I couldn’t make any, that I was destined to be a poor person, always one step up from minimum wage and destitution … and then to spend $500 dollars on a course that all but requires you to be a high-earner and financially secure as a prerequisite?

Yes, I previously thought this would have been unimaginable. Check.

Main idea

The main idea for this course is that once you’ve reached a certain level of knowledge and acuity with your finances and once you add in significant wealth or income, you should be changing how you think about and act with your money.

For example, when you have very little money, every dollar counts. When you have lots of debt, paying it off quickly matters. If you have no investments, starting off strong and quickly is important. A $50 fee hurts.

But when, for example, you make over $100,000 a year, a $50 fee doesn’t mean nearly as much. Spending an hour on the phone to get that $50 fee waived now might be like spending an hour on the phone to get a $0.50 fee waived when you were just starting out.

When we’re used to thinking about $50 being a big deal, then we may not notice when eventually, it isn’t a big deal anymore.

This is why your relationship to money needs to change as you grow wealth. It’s not about “secrets of the 1%” or anything, it’s about focusing on what has the most impact.

And I couldn’t agree more.

I’ve felt throughout the years that my relationship to money really has changed as I’ve built wealth and income. I’ve written about this topic before.

So then, the question becomes: How do you do this? What do you change?



The course is divided into three modules, which I would characterize as:

Optimizations to your financial situation

Building a financial team to help you manage your money more effectively

Determining what is important in your life, and living up to those ideals

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