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The Simpler Trading course Raghee Horner’s Workspace Bundle + Live Trading offers a bundle of powerful technical indicators that greatly benefit your trading. 

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$69.00 $597.00

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Take full advantage of the package Raghee Horner’s Workspace Bundle + Live Trading from Simpler Trading

There are a number of indicators that may be used as part of a strategy for trading, whether you are interested in forex, commodities, or share trading. To assist traders spot particular signals and patterns in the market, trading indicators are mathematical computations that appear as lines on a price chart. Leading indicators and lagging indicators are two examples of the many kinds of trading indicators available. Lagging indicators, on the other hand, look at prior patterns and are used to gauge current market activity.

Raghee Horner’s Workspace Bundle + Live Trading – Simpler Trading gives you the opportunity to use the same indicators that Raghee used to earn $26k on Crude Oil with only one contract in his trading account. Raghee’s FULL Indicator Workspace Bundle, which she utilizes everyday to identify big profits, consists of the same foundation indications she’s relied on for more than two decades of trading. With Raghee Horner’s Workspace Bundle, you’ll get the following indicators:

  • The VWAP Max Tool
  • VScore Indicator
  • VScore Bands $197 Value
  • VProfile Indicator $197 Value
  • ST_Darvas Box $297 Value
  • ST_Propulsion Indicator
  • JT Multi Trend Indicator
  • GRaB & Wave Premium
  • Bonus: Indicator Setup with Eric Purdy

Meet your instructor Raghee Horner – Managing Director of Futures Trading

Throughout the last 30 years of her professional career, Raghee Horner has committed herself to learning about and using the markets to become the accomplished trader she is today. Additionally, Raghee has a love for educating self-directed traders on how to achieve freedom, choice, and an edge in the markets. Traders should be able to trade a variety of asset types, according to her. Raghee Horner wants to look at the market as a whole before making a decision on how to proceed. Decide if you want to trade futures, options or the stock itself, based on your own particular trading style and preferences. Raghee’s success in trading futures, options, FX, and equities is due to this attitude.

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Simpler Trading is an online education platform established by John F. Carter to provide actionable, real-time trade alerts which notify you when the experts enter and exit a trade to your smartphone. You can also watch them trade during the open time of the market and even ask them any question directly. In addition, Simpler Trading creates daily videos to show you specific market moves and what will happen on the following day. With thousands of members from all over the world, you can easily get access to a large community where active traders gather to exchange trade ideas. Simpler Trading is famous for their high-quality and well-organized online courses which focus on specific trading strategies to help you become proftbale in any market circumstances. Moreover, you can also get access to a wealthy library of tools and indicators that considerably assist your trading with lifetime access and technical support.

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