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Author: Quenten Chad & Jovan Stojanovic

We were 21 and younger when we started our online marketing agency.
We had 0 experience. As well as $0 in our accounts.
Yet we managed to make $10K in our first month – and over $1M in the next 53 days.
The only reason we were able to accomplish that is this step-by-step system we’re about to share with you.

30 Days SMMA

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How We Started And Scaled Our Online Marketing Agency To Over $10,000 In 30 Days.

When You Join 30 Day SMMA, You Immediately Get Acces to The Entire Program PLUS More

Lifetime Access to All 7 Modules

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You will have LIFETIME access to over 15 HOURS of valuable videos.

Everything from setting up your business to the ultimate OUTREACH and how to be a savage at SALES to DELIVERING RESULTS to keep your clients happy to SCALING to MULTIPLE 6-FIGURES!

LIVE Meeting Footage of us Closing Over $30,000

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You won’t see this anywhere else! Live meeting footage of us CLOSING $30,000 on Skype… PAID on the spot! You’ll have access to this so you can replicate this for yourself.

Meeting & Sales Scripts, Email Templates, Contracts + More

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Our exact meeting script that allowed us to close every single one of our clients! The killer sales scripts and outreach templates so you can CLOSE clients! You will have our contract that allows us to keep our clients for a minimum of 3 months AND so much more!

Support + Feedback in Our Private Facebook Group

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Live group calls twice per month to help troubleshoot your specific problems. Whatever you need help with, we are available for you on these exclusive calls! We are also active in the group daily to help you with any of your questions!