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Quantumtradingeducation - Mechanics of Trading Module


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Quantumtradingeducation – Mechanics of Trading Module

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Mechanics of Trading Module

One of my favourite words in the English language is one which is manufactured, a made up word which was in the title of a book. That word is simplexity and as you might expect is a combination of two words. Simple and complex.And it is this word which I believe best sums up the curious and fascinating world of foreign exchange.

On the one hand it appears delightfully simple and indeed this is the message portrayed by virtually every site which exhorts you to take up trading in the forex market. The words simple, easy, fast, quick and rich will appear somewhere in the text, but this simplicity ends once you have opened your account. Up to this point, simple, quick and easy would certainly apply. Yes it is very simple to start with only a credit card required. Yes it is quick and easy to be up and running fast.

But this is where the simplicity ends and the complexity starts, a fact that passes many traders by, who have been seduced into thinking this market will deliver huge profits with little effort. This is the world of fantasy and dreams.The reality of life is very different. And to quote from his own course ‘ if there is an effort, the result must be in proportion to this effort. This short statement from one of the iconic traders of the past perhaps best sums up the mindset and mentality when we consider entering the world of forex trading. If you are prepared to put in the effort to understand and learn the complexities of this market then the results will follow. If you are not, then you are likely to struggle and trading will be a painful journey.