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A good trading course is offered by traders who successfully trade on their own with real money. Live-trading, account statements and a meaningful curriculum vitae are reasonable indications. A trading course needs a good structure, reasonable pricing, and reflects a realistic picture of trading.

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Pulling Profit from Chaos Video 367 MB 99 traderslibrary

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As a veteran trader of 18 years I love helping others to become successful in the markets by teaching the Profitunity Methodology. I have traveled extensively teaching and speaking at many trading meetings on technical analysis around the US and Europe. I mainly focus on teaching Profitunity Private Tutorial classes and giving support to the Profitunity Trading Group students from around the world.
My father Bill M. Willliams has left a great legacy for me to continue to teach others – The Profitunity Trading methods. My goal is for every PTG trader to make money and find the freedom they are looking for from trading.
“Want what the market wants” – Bill M. Williams, PhD
Specialties: Consulting on trading psychology, Ellliott Wave Theory and of course the Profitunity Trading Groups methods. Including the Alligator Indicator, the Wiseman Indicators and Trading Fractals of the Elliott Wave in the financial markets.
Profitunity Trading Group
Owner, President
Profitunity Trading Group
1993 – Present28 years

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