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Mastering the Orderbook from PropEdge Trading empowers you to read the order book skiffully and apply Free DOM in your trades to astonishingly boost the profits.

Discover the advanced orderflow training Mastering the Orderbook from PropEdge Trading

An order book is a price-level-organized computerized list of purchase and sell orders for a given securities or financial instrument. The number of shares being bid on or offered at each price point, or market depth, is listed in an order book. It also reveals the market players responsible for the purchase and sell orders, while some want to remain anonymous. Because they give vital trading information, these listings benefit traders and increase market transparency. Propedge Trading’s Mastering the Orderbook course will teach novice traders how to read the orderbook, locate buyers and sellers, and construct trading strategies around those places.

Mastering the Orderbook from PropEdge Trading includes Free DOM Trading Course and Mastering the Orderbook training which consists of advanced training videos and webinar recordings covering 4 parts as described following:

  • Part 1: Reading the orderbook, Spotting buyers and sellers – Iceberg Orders, Incorporating Volume Profile, Inflection points
  • ​Part 2: Using correlated markets to gain an edge, The role of VWAP in trade decisions, Highs & Lows, Breakouts/Reversals, Fake bids/offers, Position in Queue, Managing exist
  • Part 3: Identifying Good Risk/Reward Opportunities, The best setups for new traders, Morning Preparation, Support/Resistance and Market Profile Areas, Economic Data releases
  • Part 4: The opening drive, Times of day to trade, Developing your edge, Journals + Playbooks, Tracking Statistics

Mastering the Orderbook from PropEdge Trading now includes a free DOM Trading Course, allowing you to become a productive futures trader with consistency in your trading. The order book is always used by professionals. This is also known as the depth of market, or DOM for short. The DOM holds a list of all the orders that are currently sitting in the market, waiting to be executed.

Learn the techniques professional traders use with PropEdge Trading

Propedge Trading
Propedge Trading

Whether you’re a rookie trader or a seasoned veteran, PropEdge Trading will hopefully give you knowledge to aid you on your trading path. Rowan launched PropEdge Trading after discovering a business searching for traders, a business with their own money and no clients that trains individuals from the ground up. When he initially started the training, the first thing he learned was that if you want to be a successful trader, you must be 100 percent devoted and begin using the DOM. You don’t need any kind of secret trading strategy or insider information. Trading is all about taking what works and putting your own twist on it. PropEdge Trading is currently providing DOM Trading Course and Advanced Course which help traders make 100-200% returns on their own money each year.

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