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Volatility Trader Course

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Like any other activity, the best way to learn how to trade options is through real experience. In the case of options, real experience can be costly without proper education and access to the right information.

That’s where projectoption comes in.

We create top-notch, highly visual options trading guides (that are completely free) for options traders of all levels, and also conduct extensive strategy research (analyzing millions of data points on each topic) to find the most profitable trading approaches.

Volatility Trader Course

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Welcome to the Volatility Trader Course!

Section 1: Why Trade Volatility Products?

Opportunity & Behavior

Performance Not Tied to Earnings

Trade the “Implied – Realized Volatility” Relationship Very Cleanly

Section 2: Volatility Product Basics & What They Track

The Popular VIX ETPs

What Do VIX ETPs Track?

The VIX Term Structure – Introduction

Convergence of VIX Futures to the VIX Index

Long VIX ETPs: Headed to $0

Short VIX ETPs: Upward Drift

Section 3: Analyzing the VIX Term Structure

Roll-Yield Basics & Analysis

VIX ETP Performance: Roll-Yield vs. Curve Shifts

VIX Term Structure “Boundaries”

What Causes Changes in the VIX Index?

Section 4: Volatility Product Dangers

Not Understanding the Mechanics

Inverse Volatility Products Can Go to Zero

ETNs and Credit Risk

Protecting Yourself From These Risks

Section 5: Volatility Trading Strategies [Statistical Analysis & Research]

VIX ETP Performance vs. Roll-Yield [Statistical Analysis]

VIX ETP Performance vs. VIX Index [Statistical Analysis]

Why Trade Inverse Volatility Products?

Short Volatility Trade Statistics [Statistical Analysis]

Systematic Short Volatility Strategies

Why Trade Volatility Products_ _ projectoption.pdf - pCloud

Why Trade Volatility Products_ _ projectoption.pdf - pCloud