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The course Profit Matrix: The Options Strategy Backtesting Report from Option Alpha will show you top 10 options strategies for 330 different scenarios to trade better. 

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With the course Profit Matrix: The Options Strategy Backtesting Report, investors can find out which top options strategies have been successfully used to meet the specific needs of 330 distinct markets and market scenarios. This step-by-step guide on creating each trade setup includes details on when to join fresh trades, how far out to place the trade, and the size of the deltas and spreads needed. The extra is Strategy Performance Heat Maps, which allow you to view settings clusters from several market circumstances, all at once. This IV rank, trade frequency, days to expiry, and more are examples of market conditions you’ll observe.

10 options strategies listed in the course Profit Matrix: The Options Strategy Backtesting Report of Option Alpha including Short Straddles, Short Strangles, Iron Butterflies, Iron Condors, Put/Call Credit Spreads, Put/Call Calendars, Put/Call Debit Spreads. It is a great mix of undefined and defined risk, option selling and option buying, bullish, bearish and neutral strategies. For all the strategies, Option Alpha applied a baseline set of variants tested across the board. 

When you download the course Profit Matrix: The Options Strategy Backtesting Report, you will find all the PDF files you need including the Performance Heat Maps, Overall Performance, Individual Strategy Performance sections, with one more section on Scenario Based Performance that would make you really enjoy it. Now, the point of having everything broken down into these 13 files was to make it insanely easy for you to quickly and easily get to the right matrix, heatmap, or strategy performance table. This research report still isn’t small and might seem overwhelming at first, but rest assured, you’ll see that it’s laid out logically with clear directions for you.

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Option Alpha has been a market leader in educational options trading for more than a decade and was the first retail stock and options trading platform to provide automated trading. Many platforms bombard you with an abundance of information and provide a multitude of moving components and capabilities so you have a hard time locating the answers you need. Option Alpha won’t do that. It’s important to interact with and learn from like-minded traders, because they are helping to develop a massive network of empowered people who will impact their investing for the better. Whether you’re hedging or speculating, you will profitably utilize options until you learn how to use them. We’re in good shape since Option Alpha has come into play. Option Alpha aims to give traders with the most complete range of options trading and investment resources in the world, available to everyone for free. They commit themselves to helping traders obtain easy and effective instruments with expert assistance.

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