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Is your life getting in the way of making amazing trades? You may just have a few seconds to peek at the market on most days. Too many traders are harmed by this long-term handicap. However, it’s possible to make money without spending a lot of time in front of a computer. The course Profit Fusion Formula teaches you how to flip trade investment for the best results, as well as generate consistent income trading options. Keep reading if you are looking for a detailed description of this trading course.


Introducing the Profit Fusion Formula of Allision Ostrander

There are several ways to win and get constant, even hourly, options revenue with the Profit Fusion Formula, a method created by Allison Ostrander out of a sense of desperation. She was a full-time trader and new mom who sought a means to make money trading without taking up all of her time. In only a few minutes a day, Allison reveals to you her tried-and-true method for preserving her money while generating a steady stream of income.


The takeaways of this course

In addition to teaching you how to generate consistent income trading options, the Profit Fusion Formula course also provides you with the following lessons:

  • Allison’s 48-hour method for generating 20-381% returns
  • How to turn a loss into a higher profit
  • Is it possible to get the benefits of a daily options income without spending more than $25,000?
  • 80% of Allison’s favorite trades had guaranteed profits for her
  • Cash flow from risk-free options can be reliably captured.


What does the course Profit Fusion Formula offer?

This course is a comprehensive training on how to generate consistent income trading options, as well as how to flip trade investment and increase the winning trades while minimizing your loss. Here’s what you will get after purchasing this package:


Profit Fusion Formula Class

In this session, you’ll learn how to make money with options when you’re not sitting in front of a screen all day. As a risk-averse trader who values high profits, this lecture demonstrates how Allison is able to transform potentially losing transactions into breakeven or better.


Divergent Bar Indicator

Allison’s Divergent Bar pattern is identified by this excellent indication, which predicts the price movement of the following bar. Using this basic indicator, traders may look for market reversals that have the potential to produce large profits while posing little risk. It may be used to markets moving up, down, or consolidating on almost any chart or time period at any point in time. Because it just requires a few bars to discover possibilities, it may also be used on fresh IPO equities. One of the things that makes this indication so potent is its ability to foretell the behavior of the next bar.


Compound Breakout Tool

To locate trade setups in unpredictable market situations, the Compound Breakout Tool is the best indicator available. For years, this well-established indication has been used to spot Allison’s unique combination of range, momentum, and trend indicators. Up or down markets might use it to uncover continuation opportunities.


Two Days of Recorded Live-Trading

This is your chance to witness Allison as she hunts for setups during actual market sessions, including intraday and swing trades. Making these tools your own by studying and learning what works in actual market situations is easier with this recorded trading.


BONUS: Wrap-Up Recorded Live-Trading

An additional recorded wrap-up session with Allison follows the two days of live-trading recordings. As a result, you should study all of her deals and apply what you’ve learnt to your own trading. It’s a great chance to revisit what you’ve learnt from the recorded real-time market sessions at any moment.


Meet your course leader: Allison Ostrander 

Allison Ostrander Course Snack
Allison Ostrander Course Snack

Allison Ostrander, the instructor of Profit Fusion Formula course, is working as Director of Risk Tolerance at Simpler Trading. As a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre, Allison did not want to pursue a career as an artist. She began trading options as a kind of experimentation, using a fictitious trading account. Following that, she made the decision to pursue trading as a full-time job in addition to investing in personal coaching programs.

Allison Ostrander now works as a consultant with Simpler Trading, where she shares her skills and decades of hands-on options trading experience with the community. Additionally, she teaches people how to trade, how to limit losses, and how to comprehend complicated trading methods and chart patterns using simple-to-understand language. That is why Allison Ostrander and Simpler Trading have gained widespread popularity among traders of all levels who want to learn to trade simply and effortlessly.