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Throughout the 7 CD Pristine Method Home Study Trading Course from Pristine, you will grasp a wide range of different topics that help you trade more confidently.

Derive numerous benefits from 7 CD Pristine Method Home Study Trading Course by Pristine

The 7 CD Pristine Method Home Study Trading Course from Pristine provides you with a variety of trading strategies that benefit you a lot in your journey to become a profitable and confident trader. These topics cover Options trading, Micro trading, Guerrilla trading, Intraday trading, Core trading, Swing trading, and much more. A general description of each CD in the 7 CD Pristine Method Home Study Trading Course from Pristine is detailed as follows:

  1. Pristine Seminar: Options Trading the Pristine Way

This course covers realistic trading tactics for all sorts of trading, including speculation, hedging, and premium production. To earn above-average returns from options, option players require clear and straightforward, easy-to-use procedures for determining approximate entry and exit positions, profit objectives, and prudent money management.

  1. Pristine Seminar: Micro Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez

With a period of 3 hours, this innovative course delivers strong ways for mastering the art of micro trains with maximum accuracy, showing you how to approach the stock markets with effective Micro Trading Tactics employing the famed Pristine Method.

  1. Pristine Seminar: Guerrilla Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez 

Even seasoned market specialists say that today’s financial environment is more perplexing than ever. Market trends, if they emerge at all, are typically short-lived, and fundamental assessments are generally incorrect.

  1. Pristine: Intraday Trading Techniques with Greg Capra

Greg Capra’s approach can be utilized to identify higher likelihood chances in the market. Intra-day trading is more popular than ever, and with the new tools accessible to internet traders, Greg Capra’s approaches may be leveraged to identify greater likelihood chances in the market.

  1. Pristine: Insights into Direct Access and Trading Level II 

This Pristine introduction to active trading and investing is a critical first step in the route toward self-empowerment, whether you are new to the financial markets or merely make rare transactions. After completing this course, you will have the essential knowledge to proceed to the next level.

  1. Pristine: Core Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez

Follow along as Oliver demonstrates how to monitor weekly charts in order to hold positions for weeks or months and benefit even more. It’s an excellent hedging tool, as well as the ideal technique for upgrading longer-term aspects of your portfolio, such as IRAs and 401ks.

  1. Pristine: Swing Trading Tactics 2001 with Oliver Velez

Here is one of the very first video presentations on Swing Trading that is currently accessible. You may see this remarkable presentation, which is supported by an online companion manual, to learn how to take swing trading to new heights of trading success.

Learn more about the sales page and its founders Oliver Velez and Greg Capra

Greg Capra

Pristine is the preferred trading school, having been in operation since 1994 to give online day trading instruction and stock trading tactics through seminars and live power workshops. Pristine’s mission is to educate everyone how to effectively trade stocks, options, E-mini futures, and forex. It also enables you to learn and master the Pristine Method. Pristine was co-founded by Oliver Velez and Greg Capra, who are the presenters of 7 CD Pristine Method introduced above.

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