Power Play Workshop Featuring the Power Shift Indicator – Hubert Senters

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Equip more trading tools and take your trend spot ability to the next level with the Power Play Workshop Featuring the Power Shift Indicator of Hubert Senters.

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$50.00 $497.00

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Power Play Workshop Featuring the Power Shift Indicator by Hubert Senters – Enhance your trading result with indicators and comprehensive training

As traders, we are told over and over again not to try to time the markets because of the huge risks that come with it. It is true that if you make a big bet in one direction and the market doesn’t go the way you thought, you could lose a lot of money. Retail traders aren’t the only ones who lose money like this. Hedge fund managers and trading and investing legends also have to deal with this.

But even though it’s true that timing the markets in the short term can be risky and counterproductive when it comes to learning how to be smart and safe when trading, it is possible to take advantage of certain events so that a long-term trend can be identified in time to stop losses and make more money. The exact start and end of a trend may not be clear, but it is still possible to time it for the best results in retail trading. The course Power Play Workshop with the Power Shift Indicator by Hubert Senters that will teach you how to recognize trends, reversals and the advantage of power shift.

What’s included inside the Power Play Workshop Featuring the Power Shift Indicator

  • A Self-Paced Training: How to Identify Trends, Reversals, & the Power Shift Advantage.
  • The Power Shift Indicator.
  • ​​4 Live Bonus Sessions.
  • Trading Rules and Indicator Settings.
  • Indicator for TradeStation, Think or Swim, eSignal, Ninjatrader Platforms.
  • What to Do Next.
  • And much more!

A brief description of your mentor Hubert Senters

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Professional day trader Hubert Senters, who teaches the Power Play Workshop Featuring The Power Shift Indicator, is an accomplished entrepreneur. He began his career as a veterinarian, then underwent an apprenticeship for a few years. In business for almost 18 years, Hubert Senters has carved out a niche for himself with a style as distinct as his Kentucky drawl.

He claims to be an old-fashioned tape reader and uses candlesticks. He is a great fan of Ichimoku, a technical analysis style that uses candlestick charts to enhance forecasts of price movement. It’s the ideal method for imparting knowledge of technical analysis to others. In reality, it’s a piece of cake and only takes a few hours of your time.

Hubert Senters dropped out of college early and began fleet maintenance on wheels. His luck ran out when he stumbled into a communications man who had a backroom desk full of trade books. According to Senters, the individual had 400 stocks on two screens and made $32,000 in 18 minutes. Swing and day traders make up roughly 70% of his trading, while long-term investors make up the remaining 30% of his portfolio.

Even after the markets have closed, traders like Senters believe, you may still do harm by trading futures after they have closed. Amidst some laughs, Senters admitted that he never becomes any wiser after one deal. He emphasized that the market is in control and that traders should pay attention to the statistics it provides them with.

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