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Grasp 6 proven steps to consistent profits in Pillars of Options Trading Class from Simpler Trading

When learning something, such as trading, start as close to the starting line as possible. Many traders try to go as far ahead of the starting line as possible, only to realize their mistake later on in their trading. Basic knowledge of options trading is essential to becoming lucrative in the long run. That is why the Pillars of Options Trading Class was created. This is a lesson suitable for beginners since it presents basic trading strategies, teaches students to read and interpret charts, and explains how to set stop losses and profit goals.

Even if you have been trading for years and are still losing money more than you are making, you will find this Pillars of Options Trading Class from Simpler Trading to be quite beneficial. Discovering your individual trading style and tailoring the time-tested and proven approach to suit your personality and objectives is made possible through this program. Then you may get off to a good start by putting together a solid trading foundation that includes the five fundamental components of a successful transaction. You just need to learn one proven setup since you don’t need to know everything in order to make significant returns in the stock market.

Simpler Trading offers a course on options trading that takes approximately 7 hours to complete. The Pillars of Options Trading Class contains six chapters with the training on trading GRaB Candles, one proven setup, a deep dive session, trading psychology session, risk checklist, and squeeze checklist, and much more.

Meet your course instructor Danielle Shay

The Director of Options at Simpler Trading, Danielle Shay, has been with the company since 2008. She is a technical analyst who places a great focus on the Fibonacci sequence and its applications. Using options trading, her major focus is on trend-following and directional techniques, however she also covers equities and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Danielle Shay was also a contributor to John Carter’s 3rd Edition of Mastering the Trade, and she has been on Real Vision TV, RT America, and Benzinga, among other platforms. You can find her in our trading room on a regular basis, where she will share her market analysis and trading suggestions with our members.

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Simpler Options

To be able to trade while sitting on his couch, John F. Carter founded the site Trade the Markets to provide a location to post his trading ideas. Simpler Options was once this firm, and he continued to add analysts and branches, eventually growing it into the business it is today, Simpler Trading. Simpler Trading offers a great deal of information, tutorials, and tools to help you go to the next level, and this is why it is our top-rated trading choice. The whole site is made up of materials like the dedicated Simpler Trading YouTube channel, a large collection of training videos, a curriculum created and delivered by a known options trader, and much more.

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