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Pierre Lequeux - Financial Markets Tick by Tick


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Pierre Lequeux – Financial Markets Tick by Tick

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Financial Markets Tick by Tick Insights in Financial Markets Microstructure Edited by Pierre Lequeux “Financial Markets Tick by Tick is an in-depth and unique collection of analyses of the behaviour of the financial markets at the micro level. Its publication is particularly timely, given the current period of high volatility in the financial markets. LIFFE are proud to be associated with a text which features so many leading quantitative analysts, risk managers, academics and experts in this highly specialized field.” Brian Williamson Executive Chairman, LIFFE The editor has brought together some of the acknowledged experts in the field to contribute on a subject of great timeliness across the finance sector.

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Over the last decade financial markets have been subjected to drastic changes consequent to the progress made in information technology. The huge increase in “number crunching” capability has enabled the financial community to use so called “tick data” on a wider scale. This brings a wealth of information about the behaviour of financial prices and gives new perspectives in the field of risk management and forecasting. It provides new ways to model and generate correlation and volatility estimates to input into pricing and risk models. The recent release of high frequency price data by financial exchanges and other data suppliers has translated into a steady flow of research papers on high frequency modelling produced by both academics and market practitioners. It addresses practical issues that are paramount to the financial community.

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