Phyllis Kahn – T-Bonds and Gann’s Square of 144

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T-Bonds and Gann’s Square of 144

About this book

In today’s world of high tech hype and costly market systems, the difference between theory and the real market frequently spans a deep gulf of curve-fitting that fails miserably in current and future time. But a mathematical tool developed more than a half a century ago by the master trader W. D. Gann, is still performing in the 1980’s markets exactly as he described that is should.

Very early in his career, W. D. Gann perceptively observed a GEOMETRIC relationship between price and time that has been largely ignored both by the old market masters and the new alike, who focus solely on price. When time is a consideration, generally it’s perceived as a sine wave, a cycle apart from price.

Gann’s unique solution was to create clear overlays that were divided into various Price and Time periods such as 360, 90, or 144, and then placed on significant highs and lows on monthly, weekly, and daily bar charts. He used these fixed, geometric figures which he called “MASTER PRICE & TIME CALCULATORS” to measure market strength, weakness and most important of all, the geometric PROPORTION of price movement to TIME. With study, the Calculator can be used effectively on yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and even intraday bar charts. During the depression Mr. Gann charged $5000 for a weekend course of instruction on its use. Today, with a program called GANNTRADER I this powerful tool is available to anyone with a personal computer.

Author: Phyllis Kahn

Phyllis Lorberblatt Kahn (born March 23, 1937) is a Minnesota politician and former member of the Minnesota House of Representatives. A member of the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party (DFL), she represented portions of the city of Minneapolis for 44 years. On August 9, 2016, Ilhan Omar defeated Kahn in the DFL primary for District 60B.

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