Philippe Jorion – Financial Risk Manager Handbook (4th Ed.)


Philippe Jorion - Financial Risk Manager Handbook


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Philippe Jorion – Financial Risk Manager Handbook (4th Ed.)

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An essential guide to financial risk management and the only way to get a great overview of the subjects covered in the GARP FRM Exam

Table of Contents

  • Provides support for candidates taking GARP’s FRM®exam, the globally accepted benchmark qualification for risk management practitioners.
  • Provides the core knowledge for the FRM material in a systematic and consistent fashion, including questions from previous exams and solutions explained at the back of each chapter.
  • Includes material on quantitative methods, capital markets, and market, credit, operational, and integrated risk management.New material on extreme value theory, new techniques in operational risk management, and corporate risk management.
  • Outlines the essentials of financial risk managementin a manner ideal for use in university courses and in-house training programs.

Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, theFinancial Risk Manager Handbook is the core text for riskmanagement training programs worldwide. Presented in a clear andconsistent fashion, this completely updated FifthEdition-which comes with an interactive CD-ROM containinghundreds of multiple-choice questions from previous FRM exams-isone of the best ways to prepare for the Financial Risk Manager(FRM) exam.

Financial Risk Manager Handbook, Fifth Edition supportscandidates studying for the Global Association of RiskProfessional’s (GARP) annual FRM exam and prepares you to assessand control risk in today’s rapidly changing financial world.Authored by renowned risk management expert Philippe Jorion-withthe full support of GARP-this definitive guide summarizes the corebody of knowledge for financial risk managers.
Offers valuable insights on managing market, credit,operational, and liquidity risk
Examines the importance of structured products, futures,options, and other derivative instruments
Identifies regulatory and legal issues
Addresses investment management and hedge fund risk

Financial Risk Manager Handbook is the most comprehensiveguide on this subject, and will help you stay current on bestpractices in this evolving field. The FRM Handbook is the officialreference book for GARP’s FRM® certification program.