Peter Groenewegen – Alfred Marshall

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Author: Peter Groenewegen

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Alfred Marshall

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Groenewegen’s magnificent biography of Alfred Marshall provides a veritable mountain of detailed evidence on the development and contributions of a remarkable and complex human being during his long life. Groenewegen has left no stone unturned that might conceal the remotest detail of Marshall’s background and like. The book will unquestionably be the standard source for any future scholars of the economist whose Principles of Economics dominated the teaching of pricer theory from its first publication in 1890 until well into the 19th century. –Bolletino del CIRT

Groenewegen’s exhaustive, judicious and scholarly account of Marshall’s life and times has been worth the wait. Groenewegen has produced a biography which demonstrates deep learning perceptiveness of interpretation and scrupulous bibliographical accuracy. He has presented a rounded and sensitive picture of the complex amalgam of traits and behaviours that characterised Marshall. –Mark Donoghue, Review of Political Economy

‘Scholars will find themselves well rewarded for their time reading Peter Groenewegen’s substantial contribution to scholarship. No good library can afford to be without this book. It is a wonderful achievement that has been long awaited.’
–Robert W. Butler, The Historian
‘[I]t is most welcome for a host of reasons; foremost it is a fascinating and absorbing read. . . It will be a work of great usefulness to those researching and teaching in the history of economic ideas but also, I would surmise, for social historians of the Victorian and Edwardian eras.’
–Bernard Corry, History of Economic Thought
‘. . . a major scholarly achievement . . . this first book-length life will be essential reading for all those interested in the development of economics as an academic discipline.’
–John Smithin, Eastern Economic Journal
About the Author
The late Peter Groenewegen, formerly Professor of Economics and Director, Centre for the Study of the History of Economic Thought, University of Sydney, Australia

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