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Author: Pascal Willain

Pascal Willain is a Belgian entrepreneur with a background in mathematics and software engineering. He was a featured trader in Dr. Alexander Elder’s book, Entries & Exits, also published by Wiley. You can visit the author at

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Willain’s three new tools—Effective Volume, Effective Ratio, and Active Boundaries—are based on how market players act; not on their behavior or on their potential reactions, but on their real, tactical moves. They show how to find out what insiders are doing, what large funds are doing, what traders’ expectations are, and how the equilibrium between supply and demand evolves. They will help you to value a stock based on profit expectations, formulate clear price targets based on stock history, detect when large investors and insiders are moving in and out of a stock, and analyze the supply/demand balance during stock runs and pullbacks to determine if a trend change is imminent.

Willain explains each tool in detail and then shows how they can be used in specific trading strategies, in the process revealing the foundations of good trading: the discovery of value, the selection of the right buying trigger, and the management of the trade evolution. He includes specific examples of successful trades, misleading signals, and short trades.

Information leaks and price manipulations are routine occurrences in the markets, and the objective of these leaks and manipulations is to take advantage of others. Don’t be the last one to know when something is happening in the market. Value in Time offers the breakthrough technical tools that will enable any investor to trade ahead of the news.

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