Padel Jenkins – The Historical Ephemeris

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The Historical Ephemeris

About this book

This ephemeris sets out to provide essential data for any astrologer, historian or modern ‘natural philosopher’ who is investigating cyclical change in longterm history.

It provides an overview of essential longterm astrological cycles, presented in two different key sections:

1. A chronological datelist from 600BCE to the present day, listing a selection of significant events in world history, alongside a list of major astrological phenomena.
With this it is possible to identify underlying patterns of meaning and change in the passage of time and recorded history. The astrological columns in the datelist show the aspects of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and (from 1745) Chiron to each other, together with oppositions and conjunctions of Saturn to each of the outer planets, plus ingresses of the outer planets (except Saturn) into the signs, plus other phenomena such as Pluto’s perihelia-aphelia, planetary crossings of their own nodes, and visitations of Halley’s Comet.

2. A series of charts graphically illustrating all major outer-planet configurations (multiple major aspects) between 600BCE and 2200CE.
With these it is possible to see what’s going on during successive ‘power periods in history’, in terms of aspects (angles) between the slower-moving outer planets and their zodiacal position.

Author: Padel Jenkins

Over time I have worked as a webmaster, author and editor, a teacher and speaker, astrologer, adviser and project organiser. I also do humanitarian work in Palestine.

I live in West Penwith, in the far west of Cornwall, and also periodically spend time in Bethlehem, Palestine. Up to 2008 I lived in Glastonbury in England.

Born a left-handed Virgo in 1950, I’m a 1960s veteran (Liverpool and LSE), with a rather long track-record. Best valued for my positive and original insights and my knowledge and understanding of historical, geopolitical and spiritual issues.

The Historical Ephemeris was researched and compiled between 1988 and 1993. If this ephemeris interests you, you’ll also be interested in my 2014 book Power Points in Time, about ancient festivals, lunar phases, planetary line-ups and historic moments.

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