Otmar Issing – The Birth of the Euro

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Author: Otmar Issing

  • Trading books are a form of accounting ledger that contains records of all tradeable financial assets of a bank.
  • Trading books are subject to gains and losses that affect the financial institution directly.
  • Losses in a bank’s trading book can have a cascading effect on the global economy, such as those that occurred during the 2008 financial crisis.

The Birth of the Euro

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“Professor Otmar Issing was an exceptional and decisive actor in making the euro, first as the chief economist and member of the Directorate of the Bundesbank and then as the chief economist and member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank. His book is remarkable for his accuracy, lucidity and pertinence. It gives the reader the unique perspective of a major decision-maker, who is both a living symbol of the successful transition from the national currencies to the euro and a privileged witness of those historic events.”
Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank

“It is hard to think of a single monetary event more important than the creation of European Monetary Union. Otmar Issing, the intellectual force behind the first decade of the European Central Bank, has written a brilliant account of the debates and struggles behind the birth of the Euro, an event which has reshaped the world monetary order.”
Mervyn A.King, Governor Bank of England

“No one can tell the story of the birth of the Euro better than Otmar Issing. In this book, he shares the financial insights of an innovative economist and the practical wisdom of a seasoned leader. The book is exceptionally well written, laced with touching personal stories. There is no better way to understand the amazing birth of the Euro than to read this book.”
Prof. John B.Taylor, Stanford University

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