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Risk Disclosure
Trading whether its futures, forex, options, or stocksoffer a large potential for return but can also a largepotential risk and loss. The information in this e-bookis not an offer or recommendation to buy or sell anytrading vehicle.Samples shown are for illustrative, educational andinformational purposes only and not arecommendation to buy or sell.
The purpose of this e-book is to introduce you to the Momentum Trend Indicator.To learn what it is based on.How to better understand how the indicator works soyou better understand what is happening in themarket and not just blindly following a Momentumline.How to set it up.Some trade set-ups.It is not a black box trading system. It is up to you thetrader to decide where you enter and exit.

Author: Orville Saari

Saari, Arnold E. age 84, of Edina, MN (formerly of Golden Valley, MN)) died on October 23rd. Arnold is preceded in death by his father Joshua, his mother Hilma, sisters Helmi, Laura, Helia, Lillian, Irma, and brothers Howard, Alphonse, and William. He is survived by his loving wife of 61 years, Betty (Swanson) Saari, as well as his sisters Ruth (Arnold) Sunnarborg and Elaine (Orville) Bierman, and many nieces and nephews. Arnold was born in Gilbert, MN and graduated from Gilbert High School in 1947. He studied engineering at Virginia Junior College in MN, obtaining an A.S. degree before enlisting in the U.S. Air Force Aviation Cadet program for pilot training. Arnold was assigned to the Strategic Air Command and served for four years in an Air Refueling Squadron in WWII.

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