Orderflows – Orderflows Inner Circle Video Club

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Orderflows - Orderflows Inner Circle Video Club

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Orderflows – Orderflows Inner Circle Video Club

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What will you learn?

Currently there are 56 recorded webinar trainings (new ones will be added as well): These are my personal trading strategies and tips. This is my proprietary information. While I tried to share as much as possible I realized that there is quite a bit I didn’t cover. Even in the Order Flow Trading Course, I shared more and more, but still there were many things I just didn’t have the time to put in as their concepts are more advanced.

Delta Candles ***Indicator This Webinar Based On NOT included.***

Delta Candles are bar delta transformed into Japanese Candlestick style bar. So instead of having to analyse a number, the delta number, a trader can visually see what is happening in the delta based on candlestick. It’s a different way to view delta.

If you have any experience with Japanese Candlestick analysis. You know there are certain candles and candle formations that you look for during the course of trading. Delta Candles are similar in that respect. You are looking for certain candles and candle formations to appear.

One of the key elements of candlestick trading that make them useful in warning of potential reversals is the occurrence of long wicks. Long wicks suggest price rejection and a potential failure of the market to continue in the same direction. When used with order flow, these candlestick patterns can be extremely effective signals.

Longer Durations

Traders tend to think that order flow analysis is only for short term charts. Like 1 minute, 3 range, 100 tick charts, etc. But its not. You can use 15 minute charts, 30 minutes charts. Personally I don’t go beyond 30 minute charts. But it does need to be an intraday chart.

I look at the same things – stacked imbalances, ratios, delta, etc. This presentation will deal with stacked imbalanced on longer duration charts.

When a market generated level of support or resistance appears on a longer duration chart I tend to put a little more weight into it.