Orderflows – Orderflows Absorption Trading Course


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Orderflows - Orderflows Absorption Trading Course


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Orderflows – Orderflows Absorption Trading Course

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Gain an insight into absorption, accumulation, distribution and volume that institutional traders use in the markets everyday.

What You Will Learn

  • Why volume matters and how to read it.
  • Recognizing absorption and how to trade it.
  • Determining when the market is accumulating or distributing.
  • How large traders trade differently than small traders.
  • How highs and lows that hold are made.
  •  Understand why the market comes back to a level and that level holds.
  • Learn different volume / absorption trade setups.
  • And much, much more…

What’s Inside

  • 7 Videos you can watch online or download to your computer.
  • PDFs to each lesson you can download and print out to write notes on.
  • Everything is explained so clearly in the videos so that you can get started understanding volume as quickly as possible

Why The Orderflows Absorption Course Will “Improve Your Trading“

Because the methods presented in the course are so easy-to-follow & apply that the amount of knowledge and insight you’re going to get is NOTHING compared to the price of the course.

Take a look for yourself!