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Master Scalping strategy and get higher rewards with Options Scalping Secrets Elite Package by Simpler Trading

Scalping allows traders to enter and exit markets in a matter of minutes and can be used in conjunction with or in place of longer trades. Chandler can assist traders at all levels of expertise in learning the method and targeting precise entries at trigger levels. Chandler Horton chooses to scalp often in this Options Scalping Secrets Elite Package by Simpler Trading, his most trusted tactic that can help a trader of any account size make low-risk/high-reward trades in a limited amount of time. This is arguably one of the most cost-effective ways to exchange, and it has allowed Chandler to make 600 percent account gains in three volatile months.

Options Scalping Secrets Elite Package by Simpler Trading will walk you through:

  • Case Study: Chandler’s 148% return in 12 minutes on GOOGL
  • The single most crucial thing in trading
  • How to take advantage of high probability plays while managing your account
  • Chandler’s 600% account growth during 3 choppy months
  • Case Study: Chandler’s 113% ROI on the SPX
  • The free tools that make it easier than ever to scalp (which you might already have)

The Simpler Trading’s Options Scalping Secrets Elite Package includes:

  • Options Scalping Secrets Strategy Class
  • BONUS: Live Active Trader Session
  • BONUS: “Reading the Ticker Tape” Class (Pre-Recorded)
  • 2 Days Pro Live-Trading
  • 2 Days Elite Live-Trading

These four live-trading sessions are only included in the Elite Package, allowing you to dig further into the Scalping Strategy, making it exclusive and well worth the money.

Discover the Sales Page Simpler Trading and the trainer Chandler Horton

Chandler Horton

Simpler Trading is special in its own right, which has a collective business presence of more than 100 years. Although most other services include hypothetical trades and hypotheses, Simpler Trading posts actual trading ideas in real time, which allows you to watch for high probability configurations on a smartphone or tablet even if you work full-time.

Chandler just trades stocks, and his go-to platforms include mean/moving average, Squeeze Pro, The Cloud, and Point of Control. Chandler’s trading strategy entails identifying the strongest stocks in play and capitalizing on breakouts and clear traction while exploiting weekly options. Chandler works hard with his trading, preparing his setups at night and checking them in the morning. Chandler starts his preparation 2.5 hours before the market opens, during which time he watches the news, looks through his priority list, and works through all of the squeezes. Chandler’s top three stocks are GOOGL, AAPL, and SPX.

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