Optionpit – OptioPit Course 2013

$53.97 $1,649.00

Optionpit – OptioPit Course 2013

$53.97 $1,649.00

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Optionpit – OptioPit Course 2013

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Are you new to option trading and wonder how options really trade? Have you read several books but forgotten most of what you read? Then the Silver Course, Option Pit’s Option Trader Foundations Course is for you.

What Will Be Covered in the Option Pit Silver Course

1- Learn the mechanics of options from the option quote out. Master the basics of calls and puts, relative value and the directional relationship to the underlying security.

2- Use the action of Settlement, Exercise and Expiration to understand how options and the underlying truly relate to one another.

3- Profit, loss and risk are combined and applied for an introduction to how basic option positions behave.

4- Learn to read an option screen like a professional trader by applying synthetic option relationships to real world situations.

5- Use and understand the difference between Margin and Risk, Opportunity Cost and Time for applied option strategies.

6- Feel how market volatility affects option prices by applying the mechanical knowledge of the entire course.

7- Apply all the mechanics and fundamentals for beginning risk management, trade structure and efficient use of capital by analyzing intermediate option positions.


Have you learned all the basics? Are you an active stock trader who protective puts to increase portfolio performance and generate income? Have you read advanced options trading books and feel you need more before a move into active option trading?

If you are ready for the most intensive options mentoring program on the street, this is the course for you.

The Gold Course is by far the most in depth course out there at a fraction of the cost of other programs.

The Option Pit Gold Level Course

With this background they are able to teach students the work necessary to read the market and not shortcuts or tricks. Students can check their own progress after each section test and ask the teachers for help during the Study Hall, Gold Lab, or via email. This course takes traders in one of the largest steps of their education from beginner trader to condition sensitive trader with a complete background.