Nobsdaytrading – No BS Trading U.S. Markets Webinar


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Nobsdaytrading - No BS Trading U.S. Markets Webinar


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Nobsdaytrading – No BS Trading U.S. Markets Webinar

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U.S. markets webinar

The next U.S. markets live webinar is scheduled to run from January 29th through February 9th, 2018.

If you would like to join, please send me an email through my contact page and let me know you would like to register.

I will then send you an invoice and all the links to download the starter videos.

Due to the size of the files and the fact that I offer discounts for returning webinar customers as well as to people who have already purchased the intermediate course, this is the easiest way for me to manage the ordering process.

If you plan on attending the live sessions, you may register at any time and begin watching the starter videos. It takes quite a few hours to work through all the videos so I recommend signing up at least two weeks ahead of the live sessions.

This allows for plenty of time to review the starter videos before the live sessions begin. The live sessions are recorded so you will still be able to watch them even if you are unable to attend.

markets webinar

The U.S. webinar primarily focuses on the U.S. treasury markets. We spend most of the time watching the 10-year(ZN), 30-year(ZB) and 5-year(ZF) while also watching the E-mini S&P(ES). There are several reasons why most of my trading is in the treasuries and why my instruction focuses on those markets. I think they are normally an easier read, they tend to offer better risk to reward scenarios and they are much cheaper to trade as the exchange fees are less than the fees for the equities. I think they are ideal for traders who are new to scalping or just new to trading in general.